Guernsey Probate Registry

Under an agreement with the States of Guernsey, the Guernsey Probate Registry is operated by the Ecclesiastical Court of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The Guernsey Probate Registry has responsibility for proving Wills and issuing Letters of Administration in deceased estates in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Several hundred such Grants - known generically as Grants of Representation - are issued each year.

The Guernsey Probate Registry, like the Royal Court, is a court of record, which means that all Grants of Representation must not only be prepared for issue in original form to the applicants, but also that they must be copied and indexed for the Registry's own records and for the public record held at the Greffe.

Registry sittings are held each Friday (except Good Friday and the Fridays closest to Christmas Day) and are usually presided over by the Commissary or, in his absence, by one of several Commissaries-Delegate. 

The Registry is run on a daily basis by the Registrar, assisted by two Deputy Registrars and three staff. The Registrar, who is appointed by the Commissary, is an Advocate of the Royal Court of Guernsey. 

Social Investment Fund

After the payment of the agreed running costs of the Guernsey Probate Registry, the surplus income each year is paid to the Social Investment Fund

Since incorporation in 2020, the Social Investment Fund ('SIF') has awarded over £2 million towards a wide variety of charitable organisations.

SIF seeks to support the financial sustainability of the Bailiwick’s charitable sector targeting funding towards organisations and projects which are most needed within the Bailiwick.


The directors of SIF distribute a range of grants from several hundred pounds to several thousand pounds.


SIF funding is available to a wide range of beneficiaries and causes, including disadvantaged groups, culture and the arts, the environment, education and health & wellbeing.


SIF aims to improve joint working between the government and the third sector. 

Who are we?

The Registrar of the Court is Advocate Jason Green

The Deputy Registrars are Advocate Michael Riddiford and Joanne Seal (a Solicitor admitted in England & Wales)

The Registrar's assistants are Karen Bougourd, Rebecca Johnson and Poppy Tolcher

The Commissary is the Very Reverend Tim Barker

The Commissaries-Delegate are the Reverend Penny Graysmith, the Reverend Jon Honour, the Very Revd John Guille and the Reverend Mark Charmley